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What People Say

I've had the good fortune to collaborate with and for some really outstanding business and technology leaders as clients, employers or partners.  Here's some samples of what they say about my work.

Dave Rand

Chief Technologist at Circle Security

I worked closely together with Geoff at Circle Security, where as Chief Technologist I collaborated with him to design and develop a breakthrough, innovative cybersecurity platform and product line.  

In my 30 years in Silicon Valley as a successful technologist, serial entrepreneur and public company CTO, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented product leaders.  Geoff ranks among the very top of my list.  


Geoff possesses a rare combination of attributes that are critical to building successful technology products, including a gift for shaping and communicating a compelling product vision that synthesizes the inputs of all stakeholders; the ability to translate that into a viable specification and product plan for product and engineering teams; disciplined, methodical management of process to deliver and constantly refine and improve the product and market fit; and an infectious enthusiasm and passion that inspires all who work with and for him.

Finally, and not least, he has the experience and wisdom to know what works and what does not, and how to tell the difference.  Of all the attributes of a product leader, this is the most valuable in the C-suite, where consequential decisions about strategy and roadmap must be made with limited time and information.

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