I help companies develop, execute and drive digital product and go-to-market strategies



I love to apply my experience of building, launching and scaling digital mobile and web products to entrepreneurial technology companies, whether that be early stage venture-backed firms or large corporations.

I combine exceptional communication, leadership and product management skills with innovation, evangelism, strategic and analytical mind, and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and execute product, business growth and/or  go-to-market strategies.  Whether focused on internal management and processes, product-market fit, strategies for scaling, or evangelism, business development and strategic selling, I am passionate about building great products and businesses.

I also have a long track record of developing successful business plans and supporting or leading fundraising efforts from angel, venture capital, venture debt and other sources.

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Work and Domains

Over the last year,  I have been working with a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and executives on a platform and API called Circle that solves the crises of security, privacy and trust with a revolutionary decentralized, hybrid peer-to-peer architecture leveraging end-to-end encryption and distributed ledger technology.   That's all I can say for now - stay tuned!


Thanks to my work with Connexient, where we pioneered and defined a new space of Indoor Mapping and Navigation as an Enterprise SaaS and PaaS, I also have deep expertise in the Healthcare IT, mHealth and eHealth spaces, and a wide network of senior executive relationships at major healthcare networks across North America, as well as industry players such as Epic, Cisco and Centrak.

Indoor Mapping and Navigation are also a key component of the Smart Building sector in the IOT space, with applications in all large Enterprises in areas such as operations (workflow and asset tracking), logistics, safety & security, facility management and more, with use cases that bring compelling value to users and direct ROI.

Previously, I spent most of my career building web and mobile content products and services both for and with multinational entertainment companies such as Disney, Sony and Lagardere Media, as well as artists such as Sting, Midnight Oil and Peter Gabriel.

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I designed and built a market leading Enterprise solution that has been sold into over 40 major healthcare networks and acquired by Everbridge

From 2013 - 2019, I helped to take Connexient - recently acquired by Everbridge -  as Chief Product Officer from a napkin sketch to the market leader for Enterprise Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation Services for the Healthcare vertical.    We had to solve numerous deep technical and UI/UX challenges to develop the world’s first and most advanced turn-by-turn indoor navigation smartphone application, helping to create an entirely new space.  

In addition to a full suite of mobile, Web and Kiosk applications, Connexient also developed a robust platform and native mobile and web application SDKs that enable our clients to integrate its indoor maps, navigation and location-based services into other Enterprise applications across areas such as asset tracking, facility management, logistics, safety & security, and more.   Connexient has also been a leader in working with numerous innovation-minded clients on integrations with Epic MyChart to drive value and transformation in Patient Experience.

Some Interesting Blog Posts

These are a few samplings of posts from Connexient that will give you a sense of what we built there