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It's time to move 
beyond VPNs

 Faction powers hassle free, zero config, zero trust secure and private networks controlled only by you to radically reduce vulnerabilities to your networking, data and smart and dumb devices in a dangerous world.   It brings together the major threads of the last 20 years of my career, and has the potential to solve some of the big problems of Internet Insecurity that we all face today.



Decentralized Networks

End-to-End Encryption

Data Security and Privacy 

Access Security

Credential-free Authentication



IOT - Wearables, Sensors

Smart Buildings    

Indoor LBS and RTLS

Indoor Mapping & Navigation



mHealth and eHealth

Healthcare data and privacy (HIPAA)

HR Integration  

Patient Experience

Abstract Futuristic Background

About Me

Now more than ever, experience counts to make the right decisions and execute them well 

I love to apply my experience of building, launching and scaling SaaS mobile and web products for entrepreneurial technology companies.  I combine exceptional communication, leadership and product management skills with a strategic and analytical mind and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and execute innovative product growth and/or go-to-market strategies.  I complement this with the ability to improve processes for product management, product-market fit and scaling. 

I also have a long track record of developing successful business and Go-to-Market plans and supporting fundraising efforts from angel, venture capital, venture debt and other sources.

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Northern Lights


My most important skill is being able to effectively process information, juggle and focus in on what's important.   But these also matter.


Product Strategy and Execution

UI & UX Design    Customer Experience

Product Managementt 

Agile Development  
Build and Motivate Teams   


Platform Scaling & DevOps 

Process Improvement


Business Plans Growth Strategy

Product Marketing

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