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Splash Fluid

Need to Create, Build and Launch - or Fix - a Digital Product?   

I Make It Happen



I have a talent for ideas and innovation, and working with stakeholders across business, product and engineering to synthesize these into executable specifications and roadmaps.



I have a track record of strategic and operational excellence inside multiple organizations, ranging from start-ups to building & launching new units in multinational corporations.


save money

No recruiting. No payroll. Just fast results from someone that can step in quickly, understand your objectives and challenges, and get moving.  My model is 50-75% more cost and time-effective than full-time, in-house function.



I work fast and lean, coordinating and driving teams that can be in-house, nearshore, offshore or usually a combination of these.

How I Work With You

I flex to your situation and needs to achieve rapid, high impact results


Work with your team

I take ownership and drive both execution of whatever you need - one product, a product line, a new initiative, etc. - as well as help you to optimize process, people and performance.  When my engagement is done, I ensure a smooth hand-off  to your internal team so that this will continue.



I also have a super talented, experienced, high performance, high ROI offshore development team that I have worked with for years.  I can assemble the complete team or mix and match to fill your gaps so that you move quickly into execution mode once the strategy and plan are ready to go.



Or let's talk about your needs, and find the right fit.  I often help clients to evaluate market opportunities, develop options and strategies, and build out plans, timelines and budgets for internal stakeholder decisions.  

About Me

Now more than ever, experience counts to make the right decisions and execute them well 

I love to apply my experience of building, launching and scaling SaaS mobile and web products for entrepreneurial technology companies, whether that be early stage venture-backed firms or large corporations seeking to launch or reimagine products or product lines.

I combine exceptional communication, leadership and product management skills with a strategic and analytical mind and entrepreneurial spirit to develop and execute innovative product growth and/or  go-to-market strategies.  I complement this with the ability to improve your processes for product management, product-market fit and scaling. 

I also have a long track record of developing successful business and Go-to-Market plans and supporting fundraising efforts from angel, venture capital, venture debt and other sources.

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My most important skill is being able to process information, juggle and focus in on what's important.   But these also matter.

Innovation     Product Strategy and Execution

UI & UX Design    Customer Experience

Product Managementt  Agile Development  
Build and Motivate Teams   Process Improvement Scaling Platforms & Process 

Go-to-Market   Product Marketing

Business Plans   Growth Strategy


Digital Product Development shares essential requirements, but these are the particular domains I have worked in previously

Enterprise SaaS  B2B2C Applications


Cybersecurity  End-to-End Encryption

Data Security and Privacy 

Credential-free Authentication

mHealth and eHealth  Healthcare IT 
EHR Integration  Patient Experience

IOT - Smart Buildings    Indoor Mapping & Navigation

Digital Media / Branded Content  

e-Commerce and Online Retailing

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