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Do You Have an AI Strategy?

The Tipping Point has been reached.  AI will impact your digital products and services either for good or for bad, and soon.   So you need to start on the path now of understanding how, when, and what to do about it.

If Not, Here's What You Need to Do Now

It took two decades for the Internet to truly unfold into a force that transformed the way we live and work.  When the iPhone and its brethren came along – an ubiquitous, always-connected supercomputer in your pocket -  its impact unfolded in less than a decade because the foundation of the Internet, cloud computing, software and Big Data was already in place.    Now, AI will leverage both of these platforms to roll across and transform our business, economy and lives with stunning speed – years, not decades.  Whether or not our society is ready and able to cope with this is a question that will see much debate, but will not be unable to stop its progression.  Whether or not your business is ready and able to not just cope with but take advantage of AI to benefit your customers, employees and stakeholders is a question that you can answer.   

Exactly how rapidly and profoundly your products, services and business will be impacted is difficult to predict.   More importantly, only you and your team can ultimately take ownership of understanding this and make the best decisions for your business.   There are three steps you can take right now, and I can help.  Or do it on your own.  But do it now!

Here is How I can Help

Since you and your team are, of course, busy running your business as it is today, you may also want to get a ‘guide’ or ‘coach’ that can stimulate how you think about AI, examine your business processes, gather your team’s collective learnings and understandings, and formalize this into strategic decisions and plans.  This is where I can help.

I am not an expert in all the ways that AI will unfold and how it will impact your business, and anyone who tells you that they are is either a charlatan or a fool.    This technology and space is moving far too rapidly and broadly to have certainty about any generalizations for your business.   We need to start with the assumption that we do not know, and embark together on a quest to ask the right questions, develop informed answers and a direction, test them against reality, fail frequently and rapidly and iterate to success.   What I do bring that is of particular value to any company starting on this path is the experience of having lived and worked through the two biggest technology revolutions of our time, a talent for understanding the big picture and systems at a macro level, and synthesizing this with strategies and plans for your products, services and business at the micro level.

But whatever you do, take action.  AI will impact your business either for good or for bad, and soon, so you need to start on this path now of understanding how, and what to do about it.

How ChatGPT Kicked Off an AI Arms Race

Even inside the company, the chatbot’s popularity has come as something of a shock.  This article tells that story while giving an excellent overview of how it and competitors have ignited the Generative AI space as a whole.


AI Discovery Board

There is no way for any one person to keep up with the pace and span of how AI is being developed even today, and we are still only at the dawn of this new era.    I will maintain here articles - including some that I write myself - that I find to be interesting and valuable for understanding and applying AI to digital product development - important milestones, examples of particular companies and products, surveys and predictions of the space, etc.     Recommendations are always welcome!

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